The open source p2p desktop science library that puts users in control.

Why ScienceFair?

How we access, read and reuse scientific literature is largely controlled by a few vast publishing organisations. This is holding society back.

Many wonderful innovations are being explored outside those organisations, but they are rarely integrated into the platforms where people actually access science.

We have a vision of a different, better, future for science. A future that's more fair, inclusive and open. A future that makes it easy to innovate and explore and where users control and customise their experience.

ScienceFair aims to help pave the road to that future. The main thing that sets it apart? Freedom from centralised control.

Our version 1 release is just the first step. We hope you'll try it and join us.

Thanks, The ScienceFair team

p.s. you can read about ScienceFair in more detail in our launch post on the eLife Labs blog.


Latest version: v1.0.6 (see previous versions)

Or you can explore the source code on GitHub




ScienceFair v1 was developed by Code for Science and FathomLabs along with other contributors, with support from Mozilla Science Lab, eLife and the Dat project.

If you find a bug in ScienceFair please report it on the issue tracker. You can chat with us any time on IRC (#sciencefair on freenode.net).

ScienceFair is an Open Source project. Code is licensed under the MIT license and hosted on Github. We welcome contributions of any kind from anyone, provided you follow our code of conduct.

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